Parking management
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Our certified partners

Before a partner’s applications are connected, their user-centricity, technical quality and overall durability are tested during a certification process. Only certified applications are brought live so that a Belgian Parking Register city can guarantee its visitors a smooth parking rights purchasing process.

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  • easypark
  • indigo
  • parkd
  • parkmobile
  • yellowbrick
  • brickyard
  • inforius
  • intouch
  • rauwers
  • sigmax
  • q2c

Our customers

Many customers manage parking in their city with Belgian Parking Register.

Why Belgian Parking Register?

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  • 3M
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  • Parking management on your territory

    Belgian Parking Register is a SaaS platform with an open architecture that enables you to manage on-street parking on your territory. As a customer, you get a clear overview of parking behavior and you can optimize the usage of your parking spots.

  • Immediately connected to the right partners

    The Belgian Parking Register platform is linked to the largest mobile parking applications and enforcement parties, making it easy for your city to go live. If necessary, a new partner can be brought live to meet your needs.

  • Manage parking transactions & behavior

    Receive your own login credentials to set and manage parking regulations. Analyze parking behavior with our readily available reports to see parking trends. Create new rules to steer mobility behavior, e.g., prevent mobility users from starting free sessions through multiple channels (app, parking meter, etc.)

  • Finance & operations are taken care of

    Our project engineers and support staff are highly experienced in managing on-street parking for cities and municipalities. Temporarily disable paid parking, because of a big event? We've got you covered. Need guidance in setting new rate zones? We are there for you. Analyzing all parking data? We can help you.

A sneak peek into the parking management software

How to start with smart parking management?

Step 1
Complete the technical Belgian Parking Register checklist for your city
Step 2
Confirm that parking rules are correctly configured & displayed in the platform
Step 3
Go live!
Step 4
Analyze dashboards, provide feedback & receive updates on new features


The Basic Belgian Parking Register Offering includes the following features:

  • Zone management
  • Rate management
  • Integration with providers
  • Integration with enforcers
  • Audit logging
  • Parking rights overview
  • Financial statements
  • Parking dashboard

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